Eastern Hillsborough County Homeowners with Wells Should be Prepared for Freezing Temperatures Saturday, Sunday and Monday Morning

News Release

According to the National Weather Service, parts of the Tampa Bay area are expected to have near to below freezing temperatures Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. 

This has prompted the Southwest Florida Water Management District to advise residents who live near Plant City and Dover who have well pumps without automatic cutoff switches to turn off the pumps before temperatures dip.

During a freeze or near-freezing temperatures, water is pumped to protect crops and fish farms, causing aquifer levels to temporarily drop. Once aquifer levels fall below a well’s pump level, the pump can burn out if it is not shut off manually or automatically by a low-pressure shut-off device. An electrical switch located on or near the well can turn off most pumps.

Residents should wait until the temperatures warm up and water levels begin to recover before turning their pumps back on. Residents should consult their local well contractor for questions about restarting their pumps.

To report a dry well, visit WaterMatters.org or contact the District’s Tampa Regulation Department at (813) 985-7481 or 1-800-836-0797.