District Monitors Hurricane Irma

News Release

Emergency Operations Center at Level 2 Activation

Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) officials are monitoring Hurricane Irma and have raised the activation level of the District's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to Level 2. The EOC provides direction regarding District activities during an emergency weather event.

The District is continuing to monitor potential impacts from the storm that could occur throughout its 16-county region. Due to heavy rainfall this summer, many area lakes and waterways are at maximum levels, and District staff are operating structures based on current and anticipated water levels.

Level 2 activation is utilized when a specific weather situation has reached a point where the District may be adversely affected. Level 2 is a partial activation, and the EOC will:

•Mobilize appropriate District emergency personnel to report to the EOC for 8–12 hour shifts. The rest of the District remains at normal operating conditions.
•Monitor water levels and operate water control structures on water bodies throughout the District's 16–county area as needed.
•Maintain direct communications with the state and affected county EOCs.
•Ensure current event information is distributed to all District staff.

The EOC also directs District field crews, responds to requests from the state EOC, and provides water resource updates to state and local emergency management agencies, the media, and the general public. The District EOC will expand to include additional emergency personnel as the situation demands.

Information concerning District-related meeting cancellations and office closures will also be provided to the media and made available on the District's website at WaterMatters.org.