District Certifies First Tampa Florida Water Star℠ Community

News Release

_Friendship Village Apartments bring attention to water conservation_

The "Southwest Florida Water Management District":http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/ (District) and Florida Home Partnership (FHP) will celebrate the first Florida Water Star℠ certified community in Hillsborough County on Wednesday, November 19th at 10 a.m. The certification event will take place at FHP's Friendship Village Apartments located at 1213 E. 127th Ave., in Tampa. FHP is a nonprofit organization that offers affordable housing to low and moderate-income homebuyers and renters.

Florida Water Star℠ is a voluntary certification program for builders, developers and homeowners. It encourages water efficiency in appliances, plumbing fixtures, irrigation systems and landscapes. The Friendship Village Apartments are being awarded this distinction for installing water-efficient showerheads, low-flow commodes and ENERGY STAR® dishwashers. Outside, drought-tolerant plants that use less water, pesticides and herbicides were planted. In addition, the community water budget does not exceed 20 inches of irrigation per square foot per year.

Invited speakers include: Paula Harvey, Director of Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Services; Earl Pfeiffer, FHP Executive Director; Steve Shultz, Wells Fargo Area President, Tampa; Michael Babb, Southwest Florida Water Management District Governing Board Chair and Carla Dillard, Friendship Village Apartments tenant.

Visit "FloridaWaterStar.com":http://floridawaterstar.com/ to learn more about the Florida Water Star℠ certification program. For more information about FHP, visit "FLHome.org":http://www.flhome.org/.