Environmental Data Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

Will WMIS continue to be available?

WMIS for resource data management is no longer being updated for new monitoring stations or their data and will no longer be available after Oct. 31, 2020. Note that e-Permitting functions are not impacted and can be accessed as usual.

Are SID numbers changing?

SID (Site ID) numbers are not changing, but they are now called “Station IDs” in the EDP to be compatible with industry-standard terminology.

What if I need more information or data that can be downloaded from the EDP?

While the EDP provides several options for viewing and downloading data and station information, there are some limitations in terms of the number of stations or parameters for which data may be downloaded at one time. A set of tools to offer enhanced options will be available soon. In the meantime, if you need assistance with more complex data requests, please contact District staff using the email link to the right. 

Will there be training and staff resources for help?

The “User Instructions” tab at the top of the EDP main window provides detailed information to assist users in getting to know the new system, and how to find and download data.  Telephone and email assistance is always available from District staff in the Data Collection Bureau as well.