2. Water Efficiently

Many homes use about half of their water outside! That’s a lot of good water going to the grass. Here are some ways you can avoid wasting water in your yard:

Wait until wilt

Don’t water your grass or plants if they don’t need it. Too much water can wash away plant food and make it easier for pests to attack. A lawn doesn’t need to be watered much in the winter when it’s cool, or during the summer when it rains a lot.

Don’t water in the rain (singing is OK)

If your yard has a sprinkler system, make sure there is a rain shutoff sensor. And if it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, why water today?

Water in the morning

Less wind and sun means less water will evaporate uselessly. Plus, plants are used to being damp from dew in the morning, so they’re less likely to get attacked by a fungus if you water them early.

Use high tech

Techniques like micro-irrigation, rain sensors and drip systems get water right to the soil when it needs it, rather than randomly spraying it all over sidewalks and driveways. Keep your sprinkler system operating properly, and consider upgrades to make it more efficient.

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