Timber Harvest Solicitations

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) manages lands under its stewardship for the protection of water resources and natural systems through the application of effective, efficient and fiscally responsible land management practices. The purposes and attributes for which the lands were acquired provide the foundation for designating the appropriate land use and management strategies on the lands. As stewards of more than 343,000 acres of land within the 16-county region, the District relies on cooperative partnerships with the state, counties, cities and the private sector to assist with management of some of these lands.

Timber harvesting is a method utilized by the District to primarily manage forest health, generate revenue from renewable land-based resources, and facilitate habitat restoration in previously altered areas. These objectives are implemented through sound silvicultural methods, with consideration for maintenance of sustainable renewable resources, to achieve the District's land stewardship goals. The revenue generated from District timber sales is used to offset the costs associated with management of these conservation lands.

Timber Harvest Process

The District utilizes timber harvests throughout all of 343,000 acres of managed conservation lands and maintains approximately 9,000 acres of planted Timber Management Zones. Based on the land management strategy for an area, timber harvests are utilized to manage the pine overstory to achieve management objectives. This can include thinning and timber stand improvement harvests, as well as, salvage from fire or wind damage and right of way clearing.

A Request for Offer (RFO) is advertised by the District on this page. Individuals that have requested to be advised of future timber sales will be notified via email with a link to the District’s Timber Harvest Solicitations webpage. Anyone interested in receiving these notifications, send contact information to land@watermatters.org

Timber sales are awarded to the responsive bidder with the highest offer that has the capability in all respects to fully perform the contract requirements. The table below identifies timber sales currently available, as well as, links to recent sales.

Previously Available

Timber Harvest Name Due
11/18/2019 RFO 2001 Peanut Pine  Timber Harvest 12/6/2019
11/18/2019 RFO 2002 Railroad East Pine  Timber Harvest 12/6/2019
11/18/2019 RFO 2003 Railroad Track Pine  Timber Harvest 12/6/2019