Solicitation Information

Alternate View of Our Current Solicitations

Persons/firms obtaining solicitations from this “alternate view” will not be included on the associated “planholders” list; and therefore, shall be responsible to revisit this web page for any changes, delays, or addenda related to the solicitation. VIEW HERE »


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Beginning winter 2022, all District bid solicitations will be posted to DemandStar, all bid submissions will be accepted and awarded through DemandStar only, and pre-bid meetings will be advertised through DemandStar only.

Current or potential District vendors can join DemandStar for free. Be sure to select from the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) Commodity/Services Codes during your DemandStar registration to ensure you receive automatic email notifications for District solicitations matching your goods or services.

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Submitting a Solicitation

Here are some tips to help you when submitting a solicitation:

  1. Read the posting carefully and note important dates, including pre-bid meeting, last date for questions and due date and time.
  2. Review addenda that DemandStar notifies you about.
  3. Submit questions related to a solicitation in writing before the deadline for questions. Email is acceptable.
  4. Prepare submittal and include all requested documentation and required official signatures. Also, include relevant references of a similar nature to proposed work.
  5. Check your math by rechecking all unit prices and response requirements.
  6. Submit solicitation response on time through DemandStar. Late bids will not be accepted. No exceptions.

Solicitation Types

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

• Informal solicitation

• Clearly defined smaller purchases of goods or services up to $100,000

• Response may be submitted via email

Request for Bid (RFB)

• Formal solicitation, also known as an “invitation to bid”

• Call to contractors to submit a bid on a project for a specific good or service

• Generally awarded to the lowest bidder

Request for Proposal (RFP)

• Formal solicitation that is evaluated based on multiple criteria by a committee

• May provide for negotiation of terms before award

• Price is not the primary evaluation factor

Request for Qualifications (RFQu)

• Formal solicitation for architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, surveying, mapping and construction management services in accordance with FL Statute 287.055

Note: Price is not a factor in selection of the most qualified firm.

Invitation to Negotiate (ITN)

• Formal solicitation that is a hybrid of the RFP and RFQu

• Allows for refining of general scope through negotiation process

• Factors other than price are considered