FAQs: ePermitting Modernization Project

Why is the Water Management Information System (WMIS) that provides Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) and eCompliance functions, data and documents being replaced?

Although, the existing system is functional, the process is challenging, and the product lifecycle is ending. Users of the system such as District staff, external consultants and permittees often find system errors and inconsistent functionality. The completion of the ePermitting Modernization Project will provide an enhanced user experience and longevity.

What is the process for replacing the system?

The new system is being built using the Appian platform and in collaboration with internal cross-functional teams and their end users. 

Will the new system replace the well construction and water use permit application and review process?

Yes. The new ePermitting system will be launched in phases: first ERP followed by eCompliance, Well Construction and Water Use permits.

When will the new ERP and eCompliance system be completed?

The new system is expected to launch in 2024

How will I access the new ERP and eCompliance portal?

Access for external users will be available at WaterMatters.org/ePermitting. Access for internal users will be announced as the system develops.

Will we lose any current functionalities/information?

There will be no loss of information and functionality will be enhanced.

Will there be any new features/benefits available?

The new mobile-friendly ePermitting system will be compatible with multiple browsers and provide easier navigation and registration, quick access to permit information, enhanced searchability and increased speed for faster data submittals.

Will there be training and resources for help?

Yes. Visit WaterMatters.org/ePermitting for dates and locations of upcoming webinars and in-person trainings. You may also request a training at your office, a District office or by phone. User guides and training videos will also be available prior to the system being launched.

Will the District provide technical support for the new ePermitting system?

Yes. Call the Help Desk at (352) 754-3456 or email ePermittingHelpDesk@WaterMatters.org Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for technical support.