Rock Ponds Project Honored by Planning Commission

The Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Project was recognized last week by the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission for excellence in planning, design and execution.

The District, along with Hillsborough County and Scheda Ecological Associates, Inc., won an Award of Outstanding Contribution to the Community, the top prize in the Environmental category. The award recognizes projects in Hillsborough County that benefit the community's quality of life, use innovative concepts and demonstrate meaningful public involvement.

staff accept award

Rock Ponds is the largest restoration project in the history of Tampa Bay and is part of the District's Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Program.

The project involved the restoration of approximately 1,043 acres of various coastal habitats, including 645 acres of uplands, such as pine flatwoods and hardwood hammocks, and 398 acres of various estuarine and freshwater habitats.

The Rock Ponds project also was recognized earlier this year by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council with a first-place award in the Natural Environment category in the Future of the Region Awards. To learn more about the Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Project, visit Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Project.