New Website Offers Tips and Resources on Water Conservation

Residents have a new resource for water conservation.

The District has launched the new Water 101 website where residents can get water conservation tips for both inside and outside their home. 

Water101 logo

Whether someone is new to the area or lived in Florida for decades, the site offers a variety of ways residents can save both water and money. The site is divided into easy-to-navigate topics on water conservation and water quality.

In the Irrigation Tips and Water Restrictions section, get information on how to efficiently water your landscape:

In the Florida Friendly Landscaping™ section, discover how you can have a vibrant landscape while saving water:

The Water Saving Tips section can help residents save water, which can really add up over time. By checking out these guidelines, residents can learn:

  • The Rain Barrels area teaches homeowners how to install one and how it be beneficial. 
  • In the Saving Water Indoors and Out page, get a variety of tips. 
  • The Fix it for Less section offers plenty of ways to fix broken household appliances and items for less. With these efforts, it could cut monthly water and sewer bills in half.
  • Check out the Water Use Calculator to figure out your daily water use and areas to conserve. 

In the Protecting Water Resources section, learn how fertilizers and pesticides find their way into water systems and ways to minimize your impact: 

Visit for all these conservation tips.