New Funding Opportunity for Conservation Projects

The District has launched a new 50 percent cost share reimbursement program to support water conservation projects Districtwide. Known as WISE, the Water Incentives Supporting Efficiency program will award applicants up to $20,000 to implement projects that help reduce water use and protect the region’s water resources.

WISE logo
Wise logo

WISE offers an alternative funding opportunity to water users that do not typically take part in the District’s Cooperative Funding Initiative (CFI). This includes small utilities, hospitals, schools, prisons, home owner associations, golf courses, hotels, manufacturers, food processing facilities and other commercial users. Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for WISE funding anytime throughout the year until all annual funds are awarded.

Ideas for eligible projects include:

  • Toilet, showerhead and plumbing fixture replacements
  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ conversions
  • Irrigation system modifications
  • Weather stations for irrigation control
  • Cooling tower modifications and pretreatment systems
  • High efficiency commercial/industrial processing equipment

Additional innovative projects are encouraged, and District staff are happy to discuss ideas. Find out more about WISE and how to apply at