Exhibit Highlights District's Contributions to Conservation

Learn more about the District’s history and mission in a new exhibit at the Tampa Bay History Center.

The museum recently opened the exhibit “A History of Conservation: A Bird’s Eye View.”


The History Center and Audubon Florida’s Coastal Islands Sanctuaries have teamed up for the exhibit highlighting birdlife in Florida and the conservation movement in the Tampa Bay area. Artifacts featured in the new exhibit trace both humankind’s reverence for and decimation of Florida’s birds, along with the evolution of conservation efforts in Tampa Bay.

The exhibit details the local entities and agencies involved in Tampa Bay’s wildlife and water quality recovery and protection. Visitors can learn about the history of the District and its Surface Water Improvement and Management Program.

“People from this part of Florida have played remarkable roles as conservation heroes and heroines,” says Ann Paul, Audubon Florida’s regional coordinator. “When you consider what they accomplished before the days of the internet and email communication, and the adversities of their day, they were incredible. With this exhibit, we share their inspiring stories to inspire the conservation heroes of tomorrow.”

The exhibit runs through Feb. 10, 2019. To learn more about the Tampa Bay History Center click here.