Water 101 Campaign – Your Questions Answered

February 2024

Q: What is Water 101?
A: Water 101 is a Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) initiated campaign to connect homeowners and community managers with helpful water conservation and water quality tips and resources. This campaign will help support two of the District’s strategic initiatives: water conservation and water quality maintenance and improvement. The campaign encompasses two avenues of information that can be found on the Water 101 for Homeowners webpage or the Water 101 for Communities webpage.

Q: What resources are available for homeowners through the Water 101 campaign?
A: Residents can visit the Water 101 for Homeowners webpage to access a one-stop shop of tips and educational resources that can help reduce at-home water use and protect nearby waterways. This includes information about the basics of irrigation, local water restrictions and Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ as well as instructional videos and an overview on stormwater ponds. Homeowners can also sign up for District newsletters via the webpage or learn where to follow along on social media for more information.

Q: What is the Water 101 for Communities webpage?
A: The Water 101 for Communities webpage provides resources to help communities lead by example, reducing their water use and encouraging residents to do the same. This includes free online classes hosted by the District with continuing education units for community association managers. It also includes educational materials that can be downloaded and easily shared in newsletters, websites and other community platforms, as well as funding opportunities for water conservation projects. In addition to the website, the District has created a Water 101 for Communities Facebook group that will provide up-to-date information on water conservation classes, water restriction reminders and helpful resources to share with community residents.

Q: Why is protecting our water resources so important?
A: Water is a limited resource in Florida that we all play a role in protecting, which makes it important to understand your personal impact. The choices you make as a homeowner or community, from the plants in your landscape to how you water your lawn, can make a big difference on your overall water use. The District encourages everyone to do their part in protecting and conserving our shared water resources. To learn more, visit WaterMatters.org/Water101.

Katherine Munson 
Lead Conservation Education Coordinator