EOC News: Tropical Storm Idalia Employee Preparation

As of 7 a.m., the District’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is now at Level 2 activation as Tropical Storm Idalia is expected to impact the District over the next few days. It is important for staff to stay informed as the storm could potentially bring heavy rain, storm surge flooding and high winds as early as Tuesday.

We will make every effort to communicate information to employees in the following ways:

  • Internal Communications Emails: Employees should monitor their emails for updates.
  • InformaCast: Notifications for storm-related office closures sent outside of business hours will be distributed via InformaCast. 
  • Emergency Telephone Hotline: Employees can also call 1-866-788-4083 to determine whether an office is closed.
  • District’s Website: Visit WaterMatters.org for up-to-date information.
  • Social Media: Information will also be posted on the District’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please note, it’s the employee’s responsibility to understand when and where to report to work in the event of an office closure by calling the emergency telephone number and viewing the District’s website for updates. In addition, please make sure to sign up for InformaCast and enter your personal cellphone number to get notified of important after-hours office closure information via text message and phone call to your personal cellphone. We also encourage staff to visit the Emergency Operations page on Currents for information on preparing your family and home for a storm.

Many employees have designated roles within the District's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during emergency situations. All employees, including those without designated emergency roles, may be called upon in the case of an emergency to perform job duties related to or in support of emergency operations activities. Please contact your supervisor or manager if you are uncertain of your role or if your assistance might be required during an emergency event. If you have a District-issued cellphone, 2-way portable radio or other communications device, you are expected to have it charged, turned on and with you at all times during and after an emergency event.

For detailed employee information, please review the 2023 Hurricane Season - District Employee Preparation memo. If you have additional questions, please contact your supervisor or manager.

For questions, please contact Jerry Mallams.