Check for Leaks

Dripping showerheads can waste from 70 up to several hundred gallons of water a week, depending on the size of the drip. If the showerhead is leaking, make sure it is screwed tightly. Also, remember to check the washer for wear. If you need a new washer, you can get one at your local hardware store or from your plumber.

Fix Leaks

To fix a leaky showerhead, you need an adjustable wrench or pliers and joint sealer or tape. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Use the adjustable wrench to remove the old showerhead. (Use a cloth between the showerhead and the jaws of the wrench to avoid scratching the fixture.)
  • Clean the threads to remove old joint sealer.
  • Apply joint sealer or tape, using package instructions.
  • Use the adjustable wrench to install the showerhead.
  • Turn the water supply on and test the showerhead.

Install Low-flow

By timing your shower to less than five minutes and installing low-flow showerheads, you can save water. The older the showerhead, the more water it uses. New low-volume showerheads deliver 2 gallons of water per minute. Older high-volume fixtures can deliver as much as 4 gallons per minute. Pressures have been adjusted to the low-flow fixtures to deliver as good a shower as the higher flow showerheads. To install a new showerhead, follow the directions above for fixing showerhead leaks. To determine if your showerheads and faucets flow at recommended rates, call the Southwest Florida Water Management District at (352) 796-7211 or 1-800-423-1476 (FL only), ext. 4612, and request a free shower flow bag.