Florida Water Star℠ Consumers

What does Florida Water StarSM mean for me?

  • Saves an estimated $530 on annual utility bills
  • Reduces water and energy use 
  • Creates peace of mind due to additional home inspections
  • Increases resale through higher quality landscape designs and irrigation systems 

What’s in the Florida Water Star criteria?

Florida Water Star criteria focus on three main areas: landscapes, irrigation and indoor.

Landscape criteria encourage landscapes that have a relatively low-water requirement. The criteria include:
  • Preserving existing landscapes
  • Following the “right plant, right place” principle
  • Reducing the amount of landscaping that requires high-volume irrigation
  • Planting trees that will, at maturity, significantly shade the landscape
Irrigation criteria are designed for optimum efficiency and correct scheduling. The criteria include:
  • Limiting the total area that requires high-volume irrigation
  • Using micro-irrigation in plant beds
  • Installing irrigation components that can increase system efficiency
  • Rewarding the use of alternative water supplies, such as rainwater harvesting
Indoor criteria improve water conservation through the use of highly efficient appliances and fixtures. The criteria include:
  • Incorporating highly efficient bathroom fixtures, such as WaterSense-labeled toilets, showerheads and faucets
  • Installing water-efficient appliances
  • Encouraging the use of innovative water-efficient technologies

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