Take the Classroom Challenge

Water plays an important role in our lives. Because we live in a state surrounded by so much water, we often forget about the importance of conservation.

All of us can become better at saving water. Have your class pledge to save at least 10 gallons of water per day by using the pledge to the right and we will send you a free conservation challenge kit!

Each kit includes a class set of:

  • Water Conservation pledge cards
  • "Save Water We Do!" stickers
  • "I Conserve" poster (one for classroom)
  • Daily Water Use at Home surveys
  • Pencils

Taking the challenge is simple:

  1. Ask students to describe in their own words what water conservation means to them and how they can save water.
  2. Follow the pledge to the right and decide as a class which actions students are willing to take. Check those boxes.
  3. As a class, develop an action project that promotes water conservation (see "Ideas to get you started" below). Be creative!
  4. After reviewing the pledge and developing a conservation project with your class, click “Complete the challenge,” provide the information and click “Send.” Please note: If you teach multiple classes, you must submit a separate entry for each class. Each water conservation kit includes materials for 25 students.
  5. Print and hang the pledge where your class will see it. Stress water-saving habits to students and encourage them to share this with family and friends.
  6. Implement your project for Water Conservation Month (April) and feel free to email us photos of the completed project.