Land for Sale FAQ

Why does the District surplus land?

The District’s Governing Board policy 610-4 requires an assessment of District lands every two years for potential surplus opportunities. The objective of the assessment is to identify and sell lands that no longer meet the original acquisition purposes of providing substantive water resource benefits. Proceeds from the sale of land may only be used to purchase lands meeting the Districts land acquisition goals or debt service associated with those purchases.

What types of lands were identified for surplus?

  • Land that may have been acquired for a specific project that is no longer being pursued, or the project is completed and the land is no longer needed.
  • Land may have been acquired as part of a much larger acquisition project and the identified parcel does not contribute substantially to the conservation objectives of the District.
  • Lands that may provide environmental benefit but would be better suited for maintenance by others due to size or location. The District will protect the conservation objectives of the acquisition by retaining a conservation easement (or similar instrument) over the land.

What is a conservation easement?

A conservation easement is a legal document used to restrict the types of activities that can occur on a property. This option retains environmental protection but returns land to private ownership.

Who is eligible to purchase surplus lands?

There are no restrictions on who may purchase surplus lands.

How much will the lands be sold for?

Florida Statutes require that the lands be sold for, at a minimum, current appraised value.

How will the proceeds from the sale of surplus lands be used?

The use of proceeds from the sale of surplus lands will be used for the purchase of other lands, or interests in land.

How can the public stay informed about the District’s surplus lands?

The District has developed a webpage at to keep the public informed.

How can I purchase property from the District?

Property available for sale is posted at If interested, contact the District’s Real Estate Section at (352) 796-7211, ext. 4222.