Watch the Weather, Wait to Water

Residents who irrigate their lawns are encouraged to take advantage of the summer rains and “watch the weather, wait to water.”

Woman umbrella

During the months of July, August and September, yards need no more than 3/4 inch of water every two to three days. If your lawn has received enough water from rainfall, then you can turn off your irrigation system and turn it back on when needed. The simplest way to determine if your yard needs water is to look for these visual clues:

• Grass blades are folded in half lengthwise on at least one-third of your yard. 
• Grass blades appear blue-gray.
• Grass blades do not spring back, leaving footprints on the lawn for several minutes after walking on it.


Follow these tips when you “watch the weather, wait to water”:

• If your yard is showing signs that it needs water, check your local forecast to see if rain is on the way. 
• Use a rain gauge to determine how much rain your yard has received.

• If you have a rain sensor, make sure that it is working properly.
• Take full advantage of the rain. Make sure gutter downspouts are directed into landscaped areas or lawn.
• Install a rain barrel to capture excess rainwater.