Skip a Week of Irrigation

The cooler months of January and February are the perfect time to train your lawn to need less water.

During cooler temperatures, grass does not need as much water. Research has found your lawn only needs approximately ½” to ¾” of water every other week during the winter. Additionally, you should stick to watering your lawn only when it needs it.

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Some signs that your lawn needs water:

  • grass blades are folding in half on 30% of your lawn.
  • grass blades are turning a blue-gray color.
  • your footprint remains several minutes after you walk on your lawn.

Too much irrigation in January and February can make your lawn more susceptible to pests and disease, less able to survive droughts and wastes water.

Wasting water comes at a cost. Watering your lawn every week will add unnecessary dollars to your utility bill. By skipping a week, you also will help preserve the region’s water supply.  

Training your lawn to need less water in the winter will benefit you year-round. So, skip a week this winter. Save money. Save water.