Schools Awarded Grants for Water Resources Education Projects

Sixty-six school teachers across the District’s 16-county region will teach issues surrounding our freshwater resources with the help of Splash! school grants from the District.

The goal of the Splash! school grant program is to provide teachers with funding to enhance student knowledge of topics that meet the District’s core mission and teach students about their local watersheds, water conservation, quality and supply. Splash! school grants provide up to $3,000 per school on a reimbursement basis and are available to public school teachers. 


Melissa Gulvin, the District’s K-12 education coordinator, said the grant program is important because Splash! grants provide funding teachers may not otherwise have to create water-resources programs specific to their students. 

“For instance, if a school’s campus is near a local water body, students may conduct hands-on water testing and clean-ups while learning how their actions affect the health of that local water body and the surrounding watershed,” she said.

Splash! grant projects include student monitoring of local water quality, environmental field studies and school or community outreach campaigns designed to encourage water conservation. Click here to see a complete list of winners.

In addition to Splash! grant funding, the District offers free electronic resources and curriculum materials — correlated to Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. To learn more and order free materials, visit the District’s website at