Reservoir Provides Increased Storage of Reclaimed Water

Ships may be christened with bottles of champagne, but reclaimed reservoirs are christened with shots of tap water.

At least that was the good luck ceremony performed at the recent celebration for the Boyette Reclaimed Water Reservoir in Pasco County. District staff members joined other community leaders to celebrate the completion of the 500-million- gallon project. They toasted the project by pouring test tube shots of tap water into the reservoir. 

group photo

The reservoir, which was cooperatively funded with the District, will provide increased storage as part of the Pasco County Master Reuse System. Covering about 80 acres, project contractors say it’s the largest reclaimed water reservoir in the United States.

It will allow Pasco County to better manage reclaimed water by storing it during the wet season when demand for reclaimed water is low and making it available to customers during the dry season when it is needed. The project also will make reclaimed water available to more potential customers in Pasco County. The reservoir is located in Central Pasco County, east of Interstate 75 and north of the Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater and can be used for irrigation and other uses to extend our water supplies. Visit for more information on reclaimed water projects in the District.