New System Streamlines Application Process for Job Seekers

The District has made it easier for job seekers to find and apply for career opportunities at the District thanks to a new streamlined system. 

The new system, launched this month, allows potential job applicants to create a profile with the District even if jobs aren’t posted in a specific field. Job seekers can visit and click on “view current openings.” There, applicants can browse a list of available jobs and create a personal profile by registering with the site. 

Like a LinkedIn profile, the profile called “My Presence” allows an interested candidate to input information like work experience, education, skills and certifications. Applicants also can upload up to 10 job-related documents or post links to their LinkedIn pages, personal websites, projects or YouTube videos. 


When an applicant applies for a job, information from the presence is prepopulated into the application, making the process faster. Those who create a profile on the site will receive alerts when job openings are posted. 

The system also allows hiring managers and the human resources talent acquisition team to search the database of profiles to find applicants who have the specific qualifications for a position. Plus, the new system allows applicants to see exactly where they are in the process.

“If someone is moved on to a phone interview, he or she may know it before being notified because it instantly updates in the system,” said Alicia Branon, recruitment program manager. 

Branon said the new system means big benefits for applicants, which ultimately means the District hires the most qualified candidates.

“This system is going to help get the information in front of the hiring managers and give qualified applicants a better chance of getting interviews,” she said.