Hudson Bayou Project Wins Stormwater Award

A District restoration project in Sarasota County recently won an award from the Florida Stormwater Association (FSA).

Hudson Bayou

The Hudson Bayou In-Stream Restoration and Water Quality Improvements Project recently received a 2020 Excellence Award from FSA. The award recognizes projects with an outstanding commitment to stormwater management practices that benefit the environment and residents.

This project treats stormwater from about an 800-acre urbanized watershed.  Located within Sarasota High School property, the project was in cooperation between the District and Sarasota County.

The project will result in the reduction of total nitrogen and suspended solids discharging to Sarasota Bay, a District Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Priority waterbody.

Also, the project restored the channelized shoreline along a portion of Hudson Bayou that flows through the historic Sarasota High School property.

The restoration included removal of non-native and nuisance plants, building filter marshes and littoral shelves, and replanting with native plants to improve water quality and habitat within the watershed.

“It is an asset to Sarasota Bay for its water quality and natural system benefits,” said Lizanne Garcia, lead project manager. "The project also is visually appealing and provides a natural area in the middle of the City of Sarasota that may be enjoyed by the students and faculty of Sarasota High School.”