Governing Board Approves Conservation Land Acquisition

The District purchased Boat Spring located near the Gulf of Mexico at the Hernando and Pasco County line. The purchase is part of the District’s ongoing effort to protect water resources.

The spring is part of the Hammock Creek spring system, a second-magnitude system. It includes Boat, Magnolia, and Aripeka 1 and 2 springs, which all flow into Hammock Creek that connects with the Gulf of Mexico. The property also includes the spring run from Magnolia Spring. The District already owns adjacent property as part of its Weekiwachee Preserve project. 

Water bank

The acquisition consists of about 81 acres, with approximately 53 acres in Hernando County and 28 acres in Pasco County. The property is a mosaic of springs, spring run, natural sand ridge with elevations approaching 40 feet, and freshwater swamps that support the adjoining saltwater estuary of Hammock Creek.

Acquiring Boat Spring will protect the water resources of the Hammock Creek spring system, link existing District lands and enhance the natural systems of the Weekiwachee Preserve. The property also will provide recreational opportunities like hiking and kayaking.

The total cost of the acquisition is $1.3 million with funding available through the District’s remaining balances of prior year allocations of its Florida Forever Trust Funds.