Following Their Footsteps

District staff often will say their co-workers feel like family. But for some employees, it really is true. Here’s a few stories of family connections at the District:

Tradesworker Tyler Ledington was excited to join the District eight months ago. Growing up, he saw how the District provided for his mom, senior administrative assistant Susie Holton. Susie, a 35-year veteran of the District, took Tyler to many “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” events. 

The same is true for senior stores coordinator Tim Ward and his son, Operations intern Tyler Trudell. Tim has experienced a great working environment during his 38 years with the District and encouraged Tyler to apply. “I saw how well my dad does here, and I wanted that kind of work family,” said Tyler. 

Joseph and John

Growing up, Finance student Joseph Powanda (pictured right) heard many great things about the District from his father, staff engineer John Powanda, a 12-year veteran of the District. 

Even though Records Management technician Evan Gleaton and Fleet Maintenance technician II George Gleaton don’t work directly together now, Evan worked with George one day a week as an intern in Facilities. Evan saw what George did and truly enjoyed it.

Operations intern Tyler Williams started working at the District at just 17 because he loved what the District did and had attended quite a few “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” events with his mom, Accounting Lead Patricia Williams. At each event, Tyler was able to meet many of the District’s talented staff and be exposed to a variety of career opportunities.

Water Use Permit Intern Heather Tanke started at the District seven months ago after her dad, senior professional engineer Paul Tanke, told her about an internship opportunity. As a junior at the University of South Florida, Heather wanted to learn about her field of study and gain some real-world experience. “There is no better place in this area for her to gain experience in hydrogeology,” said Paul.

Similarly, Water Use Permit intern Joey Campbell wanted to work at the District after changing his major to Geoscience. Also, he had a bit of prodding from his dad, Management Services Division director John Campbell. Though they don’t work together, Joey and John build common ground by talking about what each has been working on.

“My dad always talks about the great work the District does and I wanted to be part of it,” said Joey.