Employees Support Tampa Bay Humane Society

When Krista McKean and Deborah Ammendola learned that hundreds of dogs were rescued from a meat farm in South Korea and headed to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, they knew they would need donations. And the field technicians knew they could count on their generous co-workers to help. 

staff donate supplies

District staff donated 269 items including blankets, dog food, toys, leashes, and grooming and cleaning products. The 200 dogs had been kept in cruel conditions in cages on a meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, victims of the dog meat trade. The Tampa Bay Humane Society took in 14 of those dogs. 

McKean and Ammendola organized a donation drive for items to help care for the dogs and other dogs at the shelter. McKean learned that with the new intake of dogs, it was taking longer for the Humane Society to help and train them with the current resources.

“Debbie and I are big animal lovers. We wanted them to be able to have extra supplies,” McKean said. 

donation drive

She also said the Humane Society was honored to receive these donations. Furthermore, the dogs have made significant improvements in the time they have been in Tampa. The Humane Society staff gave McKean and Ammendola a tour of the facility, and they note that the staff works hard to help care for these animals. 

“We just want to thank everyone for all their help with this,” McKean says. Additionally, McKean and Ammendola will be organizing another donation drive at the end of the year.

Employees are encouraged to visit the Tampa Bay Humane Society or a local shelter to give one of these animals a loving home or family.