Employee Turns Passion into Print

Staff Hydrogeologist Cortney Cameron’s love for comics began when she was little. Some of her earliest memories involve playing her dad’s Nintendo Entertainment System. She loved the Legend of Zelda, and other fantasy and action-adventure games.

cortney and her book
Cortney Cameron

The story of Cortney's comic book, Catians, began as a child when she made up a role playing game. In 2011, she took some of the game elements and drafted it in a manuscript. In 2017, she decided the tale would work better as a comic, so she recruited an artist and began translating it from a novel to a comic. Cortney released the first issue a few months ago and has 20 more issues planned.

“I started writing Catians as an outlet during a difficult time,” said Cortney. “I hope that, as it did for me, the overarching themes in the comic will reassure readers of their inner strength and ability to persevere.”