District's Water Shortage Restrictions Expire

The District’s Governing Board recently voted to let water shortage restrictions expire due to significant improvements in the aquifer and river levels as a result of this summer’s above-average rainfall.

Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties had been subject to District-declared once-per-week lawn watering restrictions and other stringent requirements. Thirteen other counties were under a drought advisory, which required water utilities to do extra enforcement reporting. 


Residents living within the District’s boundaries now observe the District’s year-round conservation measures, which include watering up to twice per week. However, some local governments may impose different schedules or retain stricter measures. Residents should check with their local governments before changing their irrigation schedule.

Just because residents have the option of watering twice per week doesn’t mean it is necessary. The District urges residents to continue water conservation practices.

Residents should water only if their lawn or landscape needs it and turn off their irrigation system if it has rained or rain is predicted in the next 24 hours. Some signs that a lawn needs water include a blue-gray appearance, blades folded in half lengthwise and footprints remaining on the lawn for several minutes after walking on it. More tips are available on the District’s Watch the weather, wait to water page.

Here are some facts about the District’s year-round conservation measures:

Lawn Watering Days and Times

  • Lawn watering is limited to twice-per-week.
  • Lawn watering days and times are as follows unless your city or county has a different schedule or stricter hours in effect:
  • Even addresses may water on Thursday and/or Sunday before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Odd addresses may water on Wednesday and/or Saturday before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
  • Locations without a discernable address, such as rights-of-way and other common areas inside a subdivision, may water on Tuesday and/or Friday before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
  • Hand watering and micro-irrigation of plants (other than lawns) can be done on any day and any time.

New Lawns and Plants

  • New lawns and plants have a “30-30” establishment period.
  • On the day of installation, watering is allowed on any day at any time.
  • During the first 30 days, watering is allowed on any day during the allowable hours.
  • During the second 30 days, watering is allowed three-days-per-week: even-numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; odd-numbered addresses may water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday; and locations without a discernable address may water on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.


Reclaimed Water

  • Reclaimed water remains subject to voluntary watering hours, unless restricted by the local government or utility.

Fountains, Car Washing and Pressure Washing

  • There are no specific restrictions on fountains, car washing and pressure washing.
  • These and other water uses should be conducted efficiently as possible, such as using a shutoff nozzle on each hose to adhere to the general restriction prohibiting wasteful water use.

Visit WaterMatters.org/Restrictions for more information on the District’s year-round conservation measures.