District Hosts Geology Symposium

Master’s students will get a chance to show the culmination of years of study and work when the District hosts the USF Professional Science Master’s in Geology Symposium. District employee Julie Zydek, a staff hydrogeologist, will be among those presenting a master’s project at the symposium.

The event will be held at the District’s Tampa Office at 6 p.m. Nov. 29. This biannual event welcomes students, professionals and members of the public to highlight the accomplishments of those in the geology field.

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USF School of Geosciences

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Program is a nonthesis master’s program offered by the University of South Florida (USF). This program is beneficial for people in the workforce who are looking to advance their careers through further education.

The District’s Education Reimbursement Program inspired Zydek to seek her master’s through the PSM program.

“I figured the four years will pass, might as well get a degree,” Zydek said.

PSM students either accept an internship or employment and complete a project under the supervision of a mentor, usually a professional geologist. The students then present their projects at the symposium and to their advisers on the USF campus.

Zydek’s project is an overview of a downhole geophysical tool. This tool calculates the percentage of porous space within well rock formations, and evaluates cement bond integrity in wells.

This symposium showcases the longstanding relationship between the District and the USF School of GeoSciences. The university often refers students to the District for employment and internships. Several USF alumni who work at the District provide field trip opportunities to students, present at lectures and serve on university boards.