College Students Visit District

About 20 Eckerd College students recently got an up-close look at one of the structures that helps protect the Tampa area from flooding.

The students toured Structure 161 on the Harney Canal. They also met with several District staff about water management issues. The visit was part of the Eckerd course “Value of Florida Water.” 

Mike presenting

“The four-week course explores all issues pertaining to water,” said Megan Cook, course instructor. “This is a great opportunity for the students to hear from experts.”

Mike Bartlett, the District’s chief structure controls analyst, explained the importance of the District’s flood control structures. Students were able to learn why they were built and how and when they are operated. 

Students later heard from Jerry Mallams, resource evaluation manager, about water reuse and recovery. Then, Jason LaRoche, a senior professional geologist, gave them a look at the various layers of the aquifer.