Citrus County Home Earns Florida Water Star Certification

When Wayne Rubow designed his new Citrus County home, he wanted water conservation to be a central concept of the design.

Inside, he chose low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets. He installed water-efficient appliances like a dishwasher and washing machine. Outside, his landscape has no grass and no irrigation, instead opting for plants that require little water.

"Water is a very important aspect of our conservation," Rubow said. "I just wanted to give something back to the planet."

That's why Rubow's home was named the second Florida Water Star℠ Home in Citrus County. To earn a Florida Water Star distinction, homes must meet specific water-efficient requirements.

Rubow saves water and money.

"We have found that Florida Water Star℠ homes save a homeowner about $520 annually on their utility bill," said Robin Grantham, manager of the District's Florida Water Star℠ program. "As far as water resources, a Florida Water Star℠ home uses about 48,000 gallons of water a year less than a traditional design."

Rubow said he found the process easy to complete, but most importantly he's making a difference.

"I did it partly for the prestige, but really just the benefit of knowing that you are doing something nice not only for yourself, but for your neighbors and the planet."

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