Make a New Year's resolution to "Get Outside!"

News Release

h3. District lands offer a fun, easy and low-cost way to spend time with family and friends in 2010

Why make a New Year's resolution to join a gym in 2010, when you can "Get Outside!" on more than 343,000 acres of public recreation lands to hike, bike and camp for little or no cost?

The Southwest Florida Water Management District recently revised its 152-page Recreation Guide, which features more than 50 parks and preserves in the region owned by the District and its partners. Some of the outdoor activities available include hiking, bicycling, picnicking, nature study, horseback riding, fishing, paddling, camping and hunting.

Many of these lands are maintained directly by the District and offer a very natural experience, while some of these properties are managed as county and state parks and offer a broader range of amenities. The majority of these lands offer free parking and admission.

The Recreation Guide is a free publication to all residents living in the District's 16-county area and includes detailed descriptions and a map for each property. The guides are part of the District's "Get Outside!" campaign to promote the recreational opportunities available to the public on District-owned lands.

The District and its partners acquire conservation lands primarily through the state's land acquisition programs to protect the 16-county region's water resources.

To order a free Recreation Guide or to find out more about District lands and upcoming "Get Outside!" events, visit the District's web site at