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This project will improve water quality in the Weeki Wachee River.

Project Overview

The Southwest Florida Water Management District and Hernando County will be making enhancements to stormwater management at Rogers Park. The park is owned by the County and located on the Weeki Wachee River. These improvements will benefit the river by reducing the amount of sediments and nutrients entering the river.

Project Details

This project uses Low Impact Development (LID) techniques to treat stormwater runoff from approximately 1.8 acres. The LID practices being applied at Rogers Park include porous asphalt in the parking spaces, infiltration trenches and bioretention with wetland vegetation. LID techniques reduce the amount of stormwater through decreasing impervious surface area. They also improve water quality by redirecting stormwater to treatment areas.

Project Partners

This project is cooperatively funded by the District and Hernando County.

Project Timeline

Construction for this project is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2017 and will take up to four months to complete. The park will be closed during construction.