Map of Little Manatee River — Upper Tract
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About Little Manatee River — Upper Tract

Acquired jointly between the District and Hillsborough County, this property is managed by the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department. The natural communities on the property include freshwater marshes, riverine floodplains, pine flatwoods, sand pine scrub and oak hammocks. The property supports a variety of wildlife species due to the diversity and quality of the natural communities.

Recreational Opportunities



  • Network of old trail roads available.


  • Little Manatee River has a striking beauty, which makes it exceptionally popular for paddling when water conditions are right.


Access and Parking

  • Primary access is walk-thru gates on CR 579, south of SR 674 and Saffold Road.
  • Additional access provided through walk-thru gates on perimeter of property; parking on road shoulder.

Restrooms and Water

No restrooms or water available.


Southern Hillsborough County, south of Wimauma, southeast of Ruskin

Nearby Recreation Lands

For More Information

Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department, (813) 672-7876

Visit this Property

See also the Little Manatee River – Southfork Tract and the Little Manatee River – Lower Tract

Street Address

3398 CR 579
Wimauma, FL 33598
(Google map)


4,364 acres

Hours of Operation

Daily from sunrise to sunset.

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Conservation Lands of Southwest Florida
Florida Wilderness

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