Virtual Watershed Excursions

The virtual watershed excursions take web site visitors on virtual tours of watersheds within the SWFWMD.

Peace River Watershed Excursion

peace river

Southern Coastal Watershed Excursion

southern coastal

The Green Swamp

green swamp

Springs Coast Watershed Excursion

springs coast

Hillsborough River Watershed Excursion

hillsborough river

The Youth Education Section helps the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) achieve its mission of preserving and protecting the water resources and related systems through education programs and materials for teachers and students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

Curricula, Kits and Water Resources Newsletters

Youth education newsletters and curricula contain information, activities and articles on a variety of water resources issues and are correlated to Sunshine State Standards. Newsletters include Little Ripples (pre-kindergarten), Sprinkles (grades K–2), WaterDrops (grades 3–5), WaterWeb (grades 6–8) and Currents (grades 9–12). These free materials are available as individual copies or as class sets. Additional materials, including Water Conservation Kits, Watershed Education Resources Boxes, coloring sheets, activity booklets, pencils and tattoos, are also available through the Youth Education Section.

Order or download our educational materials for free.

Educator Training

Workshops are free and provide formal and nonformal educators with information on water resources in the SWFWMD, as well as hands-on activities and strategies for addressing watershed issues. In addition, the SWFWMD is the official distributor of Project WET materials in west-central Florida.

Workshops Available

Project WET
Healthy Water, Healthy People
Great Water Odyssey

Envirothon Support

The Envirothon is a problem-solving, natural resources education program for high school students that allows them to use critical-thinking skills to solve problems or conduct hands-on investigations about forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife and current environmental issues.

Splash! School Grant Funding

Splash! school grants provide teachers with funding to do classroom projects on water quality, water conservation, alternative sources, water supply or watersheds. The goal of this program is to promote hands-on water education that teaches students about their local watersheds and the water resources within them. Splash! school grants are available for public, private, charter and homeschool groups. Splash! school grants offer up to $3,000 per school group on a reimbursement basis only. Applications are due in early August and are available online.

View our Splash! school grant page...

Speaking Engagement Support

Speakers may be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis to present on various topics relating to southwest Florida’s water resources.

Contact Us

1-800-423-1476 (Florida only) or (352) 796-7211, ext. 4757, or email us.

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