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Trace a drop's travel through time

It's a long way down, but the landing is actually soft. It's not like I'm the first one ever to take this plunge. I think I landed in the ocean this time. Some of the locals seem kind of salty - but I don't mind the ocean at all. The dolphins are pleasant, and the waves keep us busy.

The only downside to being here is that in the ocean you join up with so many other drops that you can lose your sense of individuality. The clouds that dropped us here are passing. The sun is warming us up. Looks like a short stay here this time. The ride skyward is slow - it's the quick flight plummeting back down that I like most.

Learning goals



Sunshine State Standards

Language Arts: Reading, LA.A.1.3; Writing, LA.B.1.3, LA.B.2.3; Listening, Viewing and Speaking, LA.C.1.3. Science: Processes that Shape the Earth, SC.D.1.3; How Living Things Interact with Their Environment, SC.G.1.3, SC.G.2.3; Social Studies: People, Places and Environments, SS.B.2.3. The Arts/Visual Arts: Applications to Life, VA.C.1.3, VA.E.1.3


Write a story tracing the journey of a water drop through the hydrologic cycle. The drop may move through currents of a river, swirl through ocean depths, float through the atmosphere, and rain down anyplace in the world. The drop can take the form of snow, sleet, or hail. Any person in history can come into contact with the water drop. The drop can exist in the past, present or future.

The goal is to inspire creativity. The only "rule" is that the drop keep moving through the phases of the hydrologic cycle until it returns to the same state in which it started.

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