5. Attract Wildlife

With all the people that live in Florida now, there’s less space for wild animals and plants. Your yard might be part of the problem — but it could also be helping out. A Florida-friendly yard is better than a grassy lawn because it provides food and shelter for wildlife like birds and butterflies.

Some people like butterflies so much they design gardens just for them. They plant certain flowers that butterflies like, and others that the caterpillars prefer to munch on. Other people love birds, so they choose trees, shrubs and grasses that have seeds, berries, nuts and fruit that birds like to eat.

Remember that it’s really important to keep your cat indoors and your dog on a leash. Pets kill hundreds of millions of birds and other animals every year.

If you want more information on making your yard more wildlife friendly, try: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/TOPIC_Landscaping_for_Wildlife