7. Recycle Yard Waste

Yards generate yard waste like leaves and grass clippings. Some people think yard waste is just more garbage, but others know it makes valuable mulch and compost. How can you keep your landscaping waste in your yard where it belongs?

Make sure the grass clippings stay on your lawn when you mow. They’ll help feed the lawn so you won’t need as much fertilizer.

Compost — it’s the best way to feed your yard. Some types of yard waste can be turned into rich, nutritious soil. You can even include vegetable leftovers from your kitchen, like carrot tops, coffee grounds and apple cores.

All you really need to do to make compost is to toss that yard and kitchen waste into a pile and let it happen. If you prefer gadgets, there are all kinds of drums, bins and other containers to help.

For more info check out http://compostinfo.com, Florida’s Online Composting Center.