3. Fertilize Appropriately

Fertilizer is like food for plants. It comes in a variety of forms, like compost, liquids and pellets. For lawns, most people use chemical fertilizers, and a lot of people use too much.

If you have grass, you want to use just the right amount of fertilizer so your lawn is healthy. However, more isn’t better! Too much fertilizer can:

  1. Make pests more pesty
  2. Cause your lawn to grow too quickly
  3. Make your lawn even thirstier

That extra fertilizer often travels, and we definitely don’t want to fertilize our watersheds! Extra fertilizer can seep into ground water or run off during rain. Once it gets into creeks, ponds or even the ocean, it makes algae in the water grow. That can make the water green and soupy, and even use up all the oxygen and kill fish.

Make sure whoever fertilizes your lawn knows what they’re doing — read labels and follow the following link for more information.