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Welcome to the Watershed Excursion of the Hillsborough River, brought to you by the Southwest Florida Water Management District!

Did you know that regardless of where you live, you live in a watershed? A watershed is an area of land that water flows across as it moves toward a stream, river, lake or coast. Watersheds are separated from each other by areas of higher elevation called ridge lines or divides. In Florida, because land surfaces are relatively flat, our watersheds are generally separated by slight variations in land elevation.

Today, we will visit the Hillsborough River Watershed. Our main "highway" into the watershed will be the Hillsborough River itself. We'll begin deep within the Green Swamp, the birthplace of the Hillsborough River's first trickles, and end in the salty waters of Tampa Bay where the river ends. Stops along the way will include Crystal Springs, Hillsborough River State Park (where we just might catch a glimpse of a gator), the Tampa Bypass Canal and the Lower Hillsborough River Flood Detention Area, and the city of Tampa's Hillsborough River Reservoir. You'll even visit downtown Tampa. Now, grab your oars and put on your life jackets!

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