The Peace River

Map of the Peace River

Where the river begins

Come with us as we explore the Peace River and its watershed and examine its natural and human histories.

We’ll experience its ecosystems and habitats, in all their diversity, from the cypress domes of the Green Swamp to the lush mangrove forests of the Charlotte Harbor estuary. We’ll meet the Seminole warrior Osceola, who grew to manhood on its banks, and Captain J. Francis LeBaron, whose historic discovery of rich phosphate deposits near the town of Arcadia would impact the watershed in ways none could anticipate. And we’ll learn what’s being done to protect this unique, vulnerable and majestic Florida river for future generations.

It begins in northern Polk County. From the junction of Saddle Creek and the Peace Creek Drainage Canal, it runs 106 miles south to the Charlotte Harbor estuary, where it blends with the outflows of the Caloosahatchee and the Myakka.

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