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The Council shall have the powers and duties to:
  • Review audits and all data specifically related to lake and river restoration techniques and sport fish population recovery strategies
  • Evaluate whether additional studies are needed
  • Explore all possible sources of funding to conduct the restoration activities
  • Report to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate each year

About the Council

The Florida Legislature passed House Bill 221 and Senate Bill 430 during the 2003 session creating the Citrus/Hernando Waterways Restoration Council (Council) in response to regional concerns for the health of Citrus and Hernando county waterways. Provisions of the legislation required the Council to form two separate county task forces to develop plans for the restoration of the Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes and the Weeki Wachee River and springs. This legislation was amended in 2006 (House Bill 341 and Senate Bill 496) to expand the focus of the Council and task forces to include all waterways within the two counties and to increase the membership of the Council.

The Council is to develop, review, evaluate and/or recommend plans for:

  • Lake and river restoration techniques
  • Sportfish population recovery strategies
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Sand and other sediment control and removal
  • Exotic species management
  • Floating tussock management or removal
  • Navigation
  • Water quality
  • Fish and wildlife habitat improvement

The legislation also requires that the Council report to the Legislature each year (see the Reports link) on the progress of the restoration program and to develop any recommendations for the next year.


Name Representation
Robert Christensen Attorney
Vacant West Citrus waterfront property owner
Michael Czerwinski Environmental scientist/professional geologist
Vacant Attorney
George Foster Biologist or another scientific discipline
Vacant Engineer
Eric Latimer Biologist or another scientific discipline
Michael Liberton East Hernando waterfront property owner
Vacant Board of Directors, Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Charles Morton West Hernando waterfront property owner
Nicholas Nicholson Engineer
Jim Polk Engineer
Wayne Sawyer East Citrus waterfront property owner
Timothy Stoops Board of Directors, Hernando County Chamber of Commerce

Technical Advisory Group

Technical Advisory Groups consist of one representative with training in biology or another scientific discipline from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE), Coastal Rivers Basin Board, Citrus County Public Works, Hernando County Public Works and Withlacoochee River Basin Board.


Name Representation
Virginia Creighton, FDOT Citrus and Hernando County Task Forces
James Davidson, USACOE Citrus and Hernando County Task Forces
Erin Rasnake, FDEP Citrus and Hernando County Task Force
Mark Edwards, Citrus County Citrus County Task Force
Allen Martin, FFWCC Citrus County Task Force
Philip Rhinesmith, SWFWMD Citrus County Task Force
Richard Gant, SWFWMD Hernando County Task Force
John Burnett, Hernando County Hernando County Task Force
Paul Thomas, FFWCC Hernando County Task Force

Citrus/Hernando Waterways Restoration Council Meetings

Meetings are held at the Southwest Florida Water Management District Headquarters, Conference Rooms A & B, Building 4 (first floor).

Monday, October 17 cancelled
Monday, October 19 Agenda
Monday, October 20 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 14 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 15 Agenda Minutes
Monday, November 14 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 17 cancelled
Monday, October 18 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 19 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 20 Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 1 Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, May 8 Agenda Minutes

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