There are nearly 200 public and private water supply utilities in the District. To strengthen communication with these utilities, the District developed the Utility Services Program.

Traditionally, the District has used regulation and cooperative funding to manage and influence water management decisions. The Utility Services Program is expected to enhance cooperation by communicating key programs that the District has to offer as well as allowing the District to learn about specific challenges that utilities are facing.

One tool created for this program is the Utility Reference Manualpdf.  This manual identifies and concisely explains key programs and tools offered by the District at no charge to help utilities with their plans and processes. It also provides links to additional sources and specific contact information for each topic.

How can the Utility Services Program help utilities?

The program will enable utilities to:

  • Understand requirements and qualify for 20-year water use permits.
  • Understand cooperative funding requirements and opportunities.
  • Utilize District tools at a local level; for example, GIS-based demand projection model.
  • Identify District contacts for specific programs.
  • Learn from experiences of other utilities throughout the District.
  • Know what programs are offered by the District.

Tools for utilities:

Utility Demographics District & Utility Demographics

A comprehensive source for public supply service area population estimation information. Brings together all the resources necessary to help generate and accurately estimate the population of a service area.

RWSP Regional Water Supply Plan

The District has proactively undertaken regional water supply planning to ensure that growing public supply water needs can be met while at the same time protecting natural systems.

RWSP Popultions Projections Regional Water Supply Plan Population Projections

pdf  The most recent draft population projections by utility service area for the 2010 Regional Water Supply Plan.

Water Audit Water Audits

Test for leaks and check the efficiency of a water delivery system.

Water Conservation Program Model Water Conservation Program Model

Estimate costs and water savings associated with different water uses and conservation measures.

Water Rates Water Rates for Conserving Water
and Protecting Revenue

Customize a water rate structure that will maximize conservation while maintaining your revenue requirements.

Water Use Permit Water Use Permit (WUP)

A water use permit allows withdrawal of a specified amount of water from the ground, lake or river. E-permitting and informational resources are available to assist in obtaining or renewing a water use permit.

Utility Reference Manual

Utility Reference Manual pdf  Download the Utility Reference Manual (Updated May 2014).

Contact Us

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Brooksville Headquarters

Government Affairs
Program Manager:
Mary Kassabaum email
Phone: (352) 796-7211, ext. 4759

Bartow Service Office

Government Affairs
Program Manager:
Cindy Rodriguez email
Phone: (863) 534-1448, ext. 6000

Sarasota Service Office

Government Affairs
Program Manager:
Tara Poulton email
Phone: (941) 377-3722, ext. 6530

Tampa Service Office

Government Affairs
Program Manager:
Joel Brown email
Phone: (813) 985-7481, ext. 2015

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