CFCA rules

Chapter 40D-2
Water Use Permits

See specific reference in:
40D-2.321, “Duration of Permits”
40D-2.801, “Water Use Caution Areas”

Water Use Permit Information Manual, Part B, Basis of Review
See specific reference in:
Section 1.9, “Permit Duration”
Section 3.6, “Public Supply,” Requirements for Applicants for Groundwater Withdrawals Within the CFCA
Section 4.4, “Utilization of Lowest Quality Water”
Section 4.11, “Utilization of Alternative Water Supplies”
Section 6.2, “Special Permit Conditions,” Central Florida Coordination Area

The Southwest Florida, South Florida and St. Johns River water management districts have developed an action plan to facilitate coordination among these districts on water supply planning and resource regulation in the Central Florida Coordination Area (CFCA). This area includes Polk, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties, as well as southern Lake County.

The districts have each concluded — through detailed water supply planning and individual permit actions — that the growth in public water supply over the next 20 years within the area from traditional groundwater sources is not sustainable. Recent water supply plan updates and permitting experience confirms that if traditional groundwater sources continue to be developed to meet growing public water supply demands in the area, harm to the water resources (rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and aquifer quality) will occur.

In the fall of 2006, the districts developed an action plan for the CFCA to assure a coordinated and consistent approach for the areas with shared water management district boundaries. Portions of the regulatory component of the action plan will be put in place through adoption of amendments to existing water use permitting rules. Rulemaking workshops were held throughout 2007 and the first of these rules was adopted by the three districts in December 2007. This first set of rules is viewed as interim in nature and sunset in December 2012. Development of long-term rules began in 2008.

Note that although the entirety of Polk County is included in the CFCA for water supply planning purposes, the first set of rules only apply to the portion of the county not within the Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA), in recognition that the SWUCA rules are as protective of the resource as those for CFCA and to avoid confusion as to which rules apply.

Staffs of the three water management districts are currently collaborating on water supply planning for the region and water resources assessment.

Key rule provisions

Public supply utilities (and similar applicants):

  • Withdrawals of additional ground water are limited to no more than that needed to meet year 2013 demands
  • Permit duration limited to the year 2013 unless a commitment is made to use supplemental water supplies (SWS) after 2013 to meet additional demands
  • Must develop SWS project or use water from another SWS, unless demonstrated to be infeasible

Rules sunset December 2012.

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