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Minimum Flows and Levels Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs)

Complete index of reports, appendices and reviews pertianing to Minimum Flows and Levels (Environmental Flows).

Social Marketing Research Social Research

Surveys, focus group results and white papers on public perceptions of water issues in the District.

50th Anniversary Issue of WaterMatters 50th Anniversary Issue of WaterMatters Magazine

A look back at the first 50 years of the District.


2013 Florida Forever Work Plan 2013 Florida Forever Work Plan pdf

Annual update.
A report on the District’s approach to the Florida Forever program.

Strategic Plan 2014–2018 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan communicates the District’s forward perspective to address our fast-growing region’s water resource priorities. The Plan identifies the District’s mission, core values, strategic initiatives, regional priorities and core business processes.

Annual Regulatory Plan Annual Regulatory Plan

As outlined in Section 120.74 of the Florida Statutes, all state agencies are required to publish its regulatory plan on an annual basis.

Water Management Plan District Water Management Plan

A comprehensive guide to the District, describing our responsibilities for water supply, flood protection, water quality and natural systems.

Water Resource Development Work Program Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program

Includes updated demand projections and descriptions of new supply development projects suitable for inclusion in the Regional Water Supply Plan.

FDOT Mitigation Program FDOT Mitigation Program

Long-range regional mitigation planning has produced projects with sustainable ecological benefits. Current projects can be read about in the most recent FDOT Mitigation Plan.

Land Use and Management Plans Land Use and Management Plans

The District adopts plans to ensure its public conservation lands are used and managed in ways that are consistent with Florida Statutes and the District’s mission.

RWSP Regional Water Supply Plan

The District’s first RWSP was published in 2001 and is updated every five years.

SPJC Shell Creek and Prairie Creek Watersheds Management Plan

These plans were developed with a diverse group of stakeholders to improve water quality in the Shell and Prairie Creek watersheds.

Southern Water Use Caution Area Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA)

March 2006 Final Report. Outlines our strategy for ensuring water supplies are available to meet growing demands, while protecting and restoring the water and related natural resources of the area.

Surface Water Improvement and Management Plans Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM)

The SWIM program is responsible for many of our water quality, natural systems and flood management initiatives.


Stormwater Reports

Florida River Flow Patterns and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation

General Reports

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