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Historical Groundwater and Surface Water Levels, Rainfall and Evapotranspiration Data

Last-Recorded Value App »
Find the most recent water level or rainfall value for data collection sites.

Rainfall Data by Region »
Monthly, yearly and seasonal average rainfall totals available by time period and selected geographic area from 1915 to present. Data are updated monthly.

The Water Management Information System (WMIS) is the District’s official database of groundwater and surface water levels, flows, water quality and atmospheric data such as rainfall, wind direction and temperature. The WMIS also provides monitoring site details including the location, well construction and geology from where the information is collected. The portfolio search tool looks for groups of related data-collection sites, linked permits, and associated site photos, maps and reports. Data are updated nightly.

Resource Data Search »
Find data for wells, raingauges, springs, rivers, streams, lakes, canals and estuaries.

Portfolio Search »
Find groups of related monitor sites, linked permits, and associated site photos, maps and reports.

Assistance with the WMIS
Contact the WMIS Help Desk at (352) 754-3456 Monday–Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or email the WMIS Help Desk.


Near Real-Time Groundwater and Surface Water Levels and Rainfall

Near-Real-Time App »
Find current water levels and rainfall from our near-real-time system.

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system collects near real-time rainfall data, surface and groundwater levels, and selected atmospheric readings within our 16-county area. Data are updated hourly.



The District regularly monitors rainfall, aquifer conditions and structure operations throughout the region. The most up-to-date information is reflected in routine reports.

District Guide to Hydrologic Data PDF
Daily Hydrologic Data
Monthly Lake Wales Ridge Lake-Level Update

Work Plans, Performance Metrics & Standard Operating Procedures


Other Hydrologic Data Sources

In addition to the District’s hydrologic monitoring data, the following are links to other sources of hydrologic information.