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Cooperative Funding Initiative for Water Conservation Projects
Cooperative Funding is a 50/50 cost-share program is available for water conservation projects! Types of projects eligible for funding include toilet, showerhead and pre-rinse spray valve replacements, landscape irrigation evaluations, landscape demonstrations, rebates/installation of evapotranspiration controllers, rain sensors and soil moisture sensors, and industrial, commercial & institutional evaluations and rebates.

Discover the potential effectiveness of a water conservation program! Calculate estimated program costs and water savings benefits associated with different water user groups and conservation measures.

The Water Conservation Program Model is designed to illustrate to water users the potential effectiveness of various water conservation programs. The model is designed to calculate estimated program costs and water savings benefits associated with different water users and conservation measures.

In addition to standard costs associated with implementing a conservation measure, the model provides an option to include the costs for research and development, and equipment or training, if applicable. These are defined as follows:

  • Research and development includes the costs associated with program development which involves a series of tasks, such as determining the applicability of a specific conservation measure, cost-effectiveness, implementation, resource planning and advertising.
  • Equipment includes delivery vehicle, tools and other equipment.
  • Training includes the amount of personnel training needed to be able to successfully administer a program.

To use this model:

1.  Select a user group you are interested in researching. This is the primary category of water user, such as public supply or recreation.


2.  Then select a conservation measure. This is the activity for which you are calculating water savings.


3.  Then proceed to the calculator. Respond to the short form to calculate estimated total costs and water savings for your selections. You may reset and calculate as many times as you like.


The costs and benefits are calculated based on assumptions, definitions and estimated average conditions, as described in the Development of Water Conservation Options for Non-Agricultural Water Users developed for illustrative purposes for the Southwest Florida Water Management District by Ayres Associates, Inc. (August 2000). The calculations are intended to provide the user with a general estimate of the potential savings which may be achieved. Additional research of the specific application of each measure would be needed in order to determine actual costs and benefits.

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