“Reusing our hotel sheets saves water,
uses less detergent and is good
for Florida’s environment.”

The Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program, or Water CHAMPSM, is a free towel and linen reuse program that encourages hotel and motel guests to use their towels and linens more than once during their stay.

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Tourists flock to Florida to enjoy the sandy beaches, scenic lakes and meandering rivers. Water CHAMP lodging facilities protect Florida's water resources by conserving water and reducing pollutants entering the environment.

Water CHAMP has a 96 percent guest approval rating, indicating that guests like environmentally friendly hotels and believe conserving water is important. An audit of water use before and after hotels joined Water CHAMP showed that properties averaged a savings of 17 gallons of water per day per occupied room, as well as saving electricity and reducing detergent use.

A towel and linen reuse program is more than a way for hotels and motels to save money. It keeps Florida beautiful and worth visiting for generations to come.

Stay at a Water CHAMP green hotel during your next visit.

Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program

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What Is Water CHAMP?

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