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Builders and Developers

Certification programs that focus on indoor and outdoor water conservation, such as Florida Water StarSM, can help builders and contractors add value to their products and services.

Benefits to builders and owners

Value to buyers and tenants

  • Answers their interest in being “green”
  • Saves money on utilities
  • Lessens maintenance costs
  • Increases resale or leasing value

How to get started

  1. Find out if your project is within the District’s boundaries.
  2. Getting a project started takes planning. Florida Water StarSM certification is earned by meeting the program’s prerequisites and meeting the criteria in areas of landscaping, irrigation and indoors.
    • Take a look at the appropriate criteria—Residential, Commercial and Institutional or Community.
    • Contact the program coordinator with any questions on the process or criteria.
  3. Sign a Participation Agreement.

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